Narrowboat Painting Specification

First Andy makes a detailed assessment of your narrowboat before the preparation begins.


Any deteriorated paintwork is mechanically removed. All rusted areas are chemically treated and where necessary damaged areas will be repaired before the whole boat is sanded down in preparation for the build up of paint coats.


All windows and portholes are removed and re-sealed where required.


Two coats of anti-corrosive primer are then applied, either 1 or 2 pac as required. After careful flatting between each coat two further coats of the appropriate coloured undercoat are applied.

Top Coat

When fully cured the application of 3 top coats begins. Your boat will be lovingly hand painted by Andy, using traditional methods.

Coachlines/Traditional Decoration

Coachlines and handrails are masked out or removed (depending on the scale of the work undertaken)and top coats applied. Traditional decoration, for example hatches, bow flashes and tillers are undertaken using the same specification.

Non Slip Areas/Roofs

These areas generally have heavy usage and require a greater grip for safety. Therefore the roof coating is a non-slip additive mixed with the paint and applied in two coats over a gloss finish. The decks and gunwale tops are undertaken using silica sand which is applied into wet paint and then sealed. The gunwale sides are coated in "Andy Russell gunwale black paint".


All signwriting and decoration is undertaken by Andy himself, This can be traditional or to your own unique design. Andy has nearly 30 years experience of narrowboat painting and is happy to advise/offer assistance when choosing colours or decoration.


Andy only uses specialist, commercial primers, undercoats and topcoats. He has growing portfolios of his work and a wide range of colour charts which will help you when choosing your theme.


You boat will be in the dock/workshop for 2-3 weeks. During which time, Andy works long hours and weekends to ensure that your boat is out of action for the least possible time causing the least disruption and expense to his customers.

Planning Your Narrowboat Paint Job

Andy is proud that all his work is carried out by himself from start to finish. As he does not employ anyone he knows that all the work is completed to the highest of standards. Andy is a perfectionist and will only settle for a stunning paint job. Almost all of his work is repeat business and obtained from his reputation and word of mouth. He is usually booked up 12-18 months in advance for full re-paints so please plan ahead to avoid disappointment.